Controlling the unwanted gas or water production in oil and gas wells is crucial to increasing the volume and quantity of production.  StimMax High Stability Foamer will produce high volume, highly stable foam that is characterized by small uniform bubbles.  This product is specially formulated to create a seal in the gas-producing zones, effectively trapping the gas and unwanted water.  By producing a high quality foam capable of invading the gas zone and sealing it, StimMax High Stability Foamer stops the gas flow toward crude oil channels, making it particularly well suited for use in all types of wells as well as being effective in fresh water, brines and any strength hydrochloric or sulfamic acids.

The product is also effective in water contaminated with hydrocarbons as it will provide excellent performance even in the presence of high concentrations of polyvalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium.  The bubble structure of this solution tends to be denser and of higher viscosity than that produced by other foaming surfactants.  Finally, StimMax High Stability Foamer delivers significant bottom-hole pressure that can counter formation pore pressures and thus provide some well control capabilities.

 StimMax High Stability Foamer is both an ecological way and economical way to remove water from oil and gas wells without using expensive well service operations such as swabbing, jetting with coiled tubing or installing artificial lifts and siphon strings.

StimMax™ High Stability Foamer

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