Each year, thousands of wells experience significant reduction in production or are abandoned due to excess buildup of retrograde condensation, paraffin, asphaltenes, scales and other petroleum based obstructions in the perforations of the well.  Existing remedies rely on the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals that offer only partial and temporary success.  By using breakthrough technology and science, StimMax products are your long term solution to the vexing problem of low producing wells.  Go with the Flow with StimMax!


DissolvingStimMax employs a versatile, broad range molecule in specifically engineered compositions that break down the aromatics, paraffin and asphaltenes – literally exploding them apart.  This complementary, complex, composition of a bio-derived solvent, surfactant and potent surface acting agent all work in concert to melt and reduce the  contaminants to their lowest energy form – a sphere.  As part of the naturally occurring separation, the larger spheres will gather together in suspension from the smaller spheres. 
Dispersing – At this point, the collection of spheres begin flowing due to the electrostatic action of the free energy surface acting agent.  The negative attractions of these agents keep the undesirable spheres from agglomerating while they are swept away from the perforations.  The flowing spheres gravitate towards the positive attraction of the cages which are composed of sub-micron particles.
Caging – Much like a paperclip is attracted to a magnet; the flowing spheres of dissolved obstructions become “locked” in the spherical globe of electrochemical protection.  These segregated and now harmless cages of hard mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium and other contaminants are swept to the surface of the well for disposal.

The powerful, tough acting StimMax takes solid obstructions and quickly reduces them to a free flowing liquid. The sub-micron particles are corralled and then encapsulated in an electrochemical, spherical globe of protection.  StimMax products provide full range effectiveness from hard inorganics that would naturally agglomerate and removes them from the well.

In other words, using electrochemical principles to have a sustainable productivity and good health to the well.