Corrosion costs the oil and gas industry untold millions of dollars in damages due to stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, pitting, reduced ductility and various other debilitating effects.  StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors bring an innovative blend of liquid and vapor based corrosion prevention technology to provide superior anti-corrosion protection in oil and gas industry pipes, bores and pipelines.  The unique blend of overlapping charged particles has the ability to “heal” existing pitting and scaling by filling in and sealing these erosions.  Readily biodegradable and made with domestically sourced bio-derived materials, the product is a safe and economical solution specifically formulated to provide superior protection from the corrosion of carbon steel.  There are two layers of protection – the initial liquid phase coats and penetrates the steel to shield it form corrosion followed by a vapor system that creates a secondary invisible layer to add even more durable protection.

The effects of external corrosion on well casing caused by hydrogen sulfide, bacterial activity, electrolytic effects, or acid water attack can be solved with bio-derived and readily biodegradable StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors.  Using a unique proprietary vapor phase technology, the product is applied directly into the casing (as a liquid) where it will seek the perforations and move into the outer portion of the casing.   Unlike liquid solutions that will always migrate downward – the vapor or gas phase will rise upward and coat the casing.  Vapor phase technology is delivered in a liquid form where, under ambient pressure and temperature, the product is transformed into a vapor that is attracted to the surface of the steel. 

A further benefit of this chemistry is a self-healing property as erosions and lesions are filled with the reacted vapor that has a high affinity for carbon steel, thereby “healing” the exposed areas and neutralizing galvanic action.  Carbon dioxide is not corrosive by itself, but in a pressurized environment will become carbonic acid.  If something is beginning to corrode, StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors will neutralize the effects – stopping corrosion in its tracks.  The unique and highly effective vapor phase technology, a chemical reaction with the metal that now forms an impermeable barrier to corrosion.

StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors – MONO Phase-1

StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors – BI Phase-2

StimMax Corrosion Inhibitors – TRI Phase-3

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