To understand the chemistry behind the StimMax™, you must first become aware of our goals when formulating and developing our science. 

Our challenge was to create a highly effective and “safe for the environment” line of products that would make it easy for operators to “naturally preserve” the land they are working.  With the StimMax line of products, you can have improved performance and sustainability covered in a complete line of breakthrough maintenance products. Other products that make green claims are not nearly as effective; eventually the only green you see is “green” leaving your bank account.  As environmental and VOC requirements become increasingly stringent globally and more solvents appear on the EPA Toxics Release inventory, StimMax products meet the most restrictive environmental requirements, including:

  • VOC exempt (40 CFR 59.203 – Standards for consumer products)

  • TSCA listed and REACH registered

  • California AQMD LVP-VOC

  • Readily biodegradable by EPA method

  • Non-flammable (ASTM D-93)

While traditional, bio-based solvents have improved HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) profiles, they don’t come close to the proven performance and speed-to-results of StimMax solutions.  This is the whole idea behind the StimMax philosophy—creating safe, sustainable, high-performance specialty chemicals for a better future.