StimMax Stimulation Fluids is non-conventional  bio-derived nano-scale complex mixtures that dissolve and disperse any high weight molecular organic matter into a solution, like paraffin, asphaltene, scales and other petroleum based obstructions as well as unblock the flow of oil or gas due to water buildup in the well, to increase production in oil and gas wells as well as the formulation for completion fluids based on non-conventional biodegradable solvents and surfactants.

The product promotes a “healthy formation” which leads to increase pressure which in turn leads to increased production; as much as a 50-100% increase…even more in some documented cases.  Each year, thousands of wells experience significant production reductions or are abandoned altogether due to excess buildup of retrograde condensation, paraffin, asphaltene, scales and other petroleum based obstructions in the perforations of the well.  StimMax Stimulation Fluids are safe for the environment as well as the oil field operators and is a clean way to address these issues without the use of superheated steam or dangerous acids that may contaminate the oils or gas.  Unlike toluene and other benzenes, they are not corrosive or caustic and will never mix with or degrade the oil and gas, which will not be compromised, and is fully compatible with production facilities and refining processes after treatment.

StimMax PA-1000 – Petroleum Based Obstructions

StimMax CR-1000 – Condensate Rings & Other Water Obstructions

StimMax HOT SHOT – Pre & Post Stimulation Treatment

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