NEW Biodegradable Non-Conventional Solutions at the NANO-scale that Preserve “Well Integrity” and Maximizes Pressure & Flow.

Well Integrity = A healthy well maintains higher pressure which provides better flow = Increased Output.

Stimulation Systems – Attacking critical problems to improve output of underperforming wells with paraffin, asphaltene, scales and retrograde condensate issues as well as the formulation for completion fluids based on non-conventional biodegradable surfactants and solvents.

Corrosive Systems – Applications of non-conventional corrosive systems applied in gas, oil and condensate oil producing wells at the sub surface and surface levels.

High Stability Foaming Systems – Promote production of oil & gas in pressure equalizing problem wells.

• Superior Performance
• Better science provides better output
• Better output over longer periods of time reduces the number of required
  treatments which in turns leads to less down time
• Safer
• Bio-derived biodegradable components pose minimal risk to the environment
  and the operator
• No VOC’s
• Less Labor & Equipment
At WELL TECH FLUIDS, LLC, we will formulate specifically tailored products to meet our client’s unique, specific needs. A team of highly skilled scientists allow us to provide focused research and development for new formularies as well as on site assessments of our client’s exact product needs. Decades of experience guided by a wealth of knowledge in the fields of engineering and specific chemistries enables us to create exacting chemical formulations that will be most effective with the mechanical processes in your facilities. Our unique approach to our proprietary chemistry also enables multi-function fluid formulations in which one product can be engineered to do a variety of tasks; functioning effectively across a vast spectrum of conditions. We are proud of our compliance on both the state and federal level and strive to exceed and set new higher industry standards with full ingredient disclosure, sustainability, safety and efficacy.
WELL TECH FLUIDS, LLC is committed to the environment and worker safety, only offering non-conventional products that out-perform conventional products, meeting today’s energy needs while conforming, satisfying and helping to achieve customer’s sustainability (HSE) goals.
Non-conventional products = superior performance = minimal environmental impact (land – sea – air):
1. Made from bio-derived, biodegradable ‘renewable’ natural materials
2. No volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), no CO2 emissions
3. Will not compromise or degrade the oil or gas